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Teaching Beyond Tests

Teaching Beyond Tests

Stella Maris Academy has comprehensive curricular outcomes that outline standards and criteria for students to successfully complete the educational program. Each school's curricular and instructional practices reflect the mission and philosophy of our school system.

A variety of instructional practices allow teachers to accommodate multiple learning styles and needs. These include differentiated instruction, performance-based learning, service learning, cooperative learning, multi-age instruction, and interdisciplinary instruction. Our written curricular and instructional practices are guided by current research and best professional practices.

The richness of our curriculum is tied to creative and innovative learning activities, both within school buildings and outside classroom walls. Specialists and extracurricular opportunities enrich our educational program. They allow students to participate in sports, music, drama, academic competitions, special clubs, and school leadership teams that promote school spirit.

In addition to our written curriculum and planned activities, Stella Maris Academy promotes a Christian atmosphere of learning that respects the dignity of every person. It is in this safe environment that student learning is nurtured and student potential is realized. We meaningfully integrate technology throughout our curriculum which is another reason why our students consistently outperform their peers on standardized tests and other measures of their academic success.