Lead, Love, Serve

Formation Model of Education

Formation Model of Education

Comprised of a multi-faceted approach, Stella Maris Academy educates the whole-person through four foundational pillars that comprise the Formation Model of Education.

  • Centered on the person of Christ and the student
  • Supported by active/intentional faith community: parent/family is primary, then teachers, pastors, parishioners/community members
  • Highly personalized and intentional approach to the formation of the student. Each child knowing they are made in the image and likeness of God, in relationship with Christ, discovering and reaching God-given potential, understanding and discovering goodness, truth and beauty. 
  • Principles become interiorized, learning through exploration, discovery, experience and revelation
  • Accountable to moral standards and religious truth
  • Four pillars of formation: intellectual, spiritual, human and stewardship

Human formation:  Free to be who we are in God’s design, solid moral character, good communicator, affective maturity, cares for one’s body, free of prejudice, good steward

Spiritual formation: Gives life to one being and acting who they are to be, listening and learning as a disciple of Christ, living in union with God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit. Requires relationship with Christ and with the Body of Christ (the Church)

Intellectual formation:  Nourishes the spiritual life and the spiritual life opens us to greater understanding - credo ut intelligam  (I believe in order to know). Through intellectual formation, students seek to acquire wisdom- studying the natural world and that of humanity. Education encourages intellectual curiosity, promotes critical thought, fosters disciplined habits of study and teaches students to communicate with others in clear and effective ways.

Stewardship formation:  Preparing one to enter into the communion of charity with Christ. In other words, preparing us to “lead, love, and serve as Jesus taught.”  A Christian steward embraces a lifelong commitment to celebrating the eucharist, sharing the faith, continuous learning, actively volunteering, and giving generously. Stewardship formation is connected to the others and at the same time is a goal that comes from the integration of the other three pillars. 

Human formation enables the student to be who God created them to be.Spiritual formation enables the student to live and give depth to who they are as the Body of Christ. Intellectual formation provides criteria and content so our efforts are directed correctly, properly and effectively. Stewardship formation allows for us to live and serve as the Body of Christ.