Lead, Love, Serve




Stella Maris Academy is a coming together of a Catholic community for the educational formation of students to become good citizens of this world, loving God and neighbor, and enriching society with the influence of the gospel. As a community of faith, Stella Maris Academy believes the authentic spirit of Catholicism should permeate the curriculum; with truth, beauty, and goodness imbued in all aspects of learning. Guided by the principles of our values, the mission of our academic community is to prepare lifelong learners who lead, love, and serve as Jesus taught, therefore transforming our world one student at a time.

SMA Mission: Commissioned by the Catholic Church, the Stella Maris Academy community prepares lifelong learners who lead, love, and serve as Jesus taught - transforming our world one student at a time. 

SMA Vision: Stella Maris Academy guides students through Christ-centered intellectual, spiritual, human and stewardship formation. Paramount to this is a personal relationship with Jesus and a community of support in family members, teachers, staff, pastors and community members. Students discover their God-given talents and passions, which lead them to meaningful and fulfilling vocations. Students learn in an environment imbued with Catholic faith and intellectual tradition alongside modern approaches that serve them well into the future. Students seek and find truth, developing key problem solving and critical thinking skills. Through our dynamic, engaging, vibrant and inspiring environment, our students carry with them virtues of fortitude, perseverance and temperance and become witnesses of wisdom and peace.

SMA Values: The guiding principles of conduct at SMA are Truth, Love, Mercy and Tradition
These values are lived through a culture of respect and reflect the following:

  • Catholic Identity
  • Learning
  • Community
  • Stewardship
  • Leadership
  • Diversity

The meaning behind the Stella Maris Academy name by Bishop Sirba

“Stella Maris is one of the titles of the Blessed Virgin Mary. "Star of the Sea" has a special significance to all Duluthians. The title has been part of our Catholic history since the 9th century and the patroness of St. Mary, Star of the Sea downtown, Duluth, almost since our beginning as a diocese. The title emphasizes Mary's role as a sign of hope and a guiding star for Christians. The Blessed Virgin Mary will lead our young people, and all of us to Jesus.”