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The Arts

The Arts


The fine arts are indispensable to a complete and high-quality education, providing a rich and engaging curriculum that instills in students the gifts of self-expression, creativity, self-discipline, and a drive for excellence. Additionally, the creative skills that students develop through the arts carry them toward new ideas, new experiences and new challenges.

At Stella Maris Academy, the arts are offered as electives for students. Fine art elective options include choir, band, orchestra, drama, and art. We believe that the engagement of a comprehensive arts education will enhance our student's intellectual, personal, and social development. As such, we have developed a strong middle school fine arts program that provides students with many opportunities to experience and appreciate the arts to their fullest.

Choral, band, orchestral and drama performances, visual art displays, arts-related field trips, and select participation in regional honor bands and choirs, are some of the artistic opportunities included in our program. Instrumental lessons are arranged as the schedule and instructor availability allow.

Music will be an everyday experience for the majority of SMA middle school students, as it is integral to Wednesday Mass and other events.