A Catholic School
in Duluth, Minnesota

Pre-K through 8th Grade

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Curricular Philosophy

Stella Maris Academy Curriculum is a Liberal Arts model of education rooted in the sacramental and intellectual traditions of the Catholic faith.  

The curriculum will provide teachers, parents, and students with the tools to navigate the modern world with a defined order that celebrates the truth, goodness, and beauty of our faith. The Catholic Liberal Arts Education will respect and honor the wisdom of great thinkers of the past, the saints, and the fruits of the Holy Spirit in our continuum of experiences and content. The curriculum will unify faith and reason, forming students who discern their unique, God-given plan (vocation) as the best version of themselves- being confident, intelligent, free, fully alive, faithful young adults.

Exceptional Catholic Education

  • Distinguished by excellence in academics, character development, interpersonal & leadership skills

  • Connected community, where each child is known, cared for with great regard and becomes who God created them to be

  • High standards in educating the whole child through four pillars of education: intellectual, spiritual, human and the care of others through stewardship


What We Offer


three program options

Elementary school

Kindergarten - 4th Grade

Middle School

5th - 8th Grade

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Become a Sentinel

We are happy to meet with any family that is interested in Stella Maris Academy! We invite you and your student to come for a tour or spend a shadow day observing classes, participating in activities, meeting teachers, and interacting with classmates.

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What does a Stella Maris student look like?

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