Stella Maris Academy is committed to providing an exemplary education to all who desire. The Tuition Steward program was introduced in 2018 to further align our program with our mission by becoming a school known for generosity though the stewardship of our community. We look forward to welcoming you to our community!

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A Stella Maris Academy education is a reflection of the investment in the future of each child through the sacrifice of each family, the generosity of our donors and the ardent commitment we make in partnering with you.  The Tuition Steward program states a Standard Tuition Rate that provides around 60% of the revenue required to educate our students. The remaining revenue comes from operating income and donations from parishes, individual donors and fundraising efforts. The Tuition Steward program invites families to prayerfully consider paying at a level closer to the true cost of educating their children. Every student at Stella Maris Academy is the beneficiary of tuition support through the contributions of our local parishes. We are committed to providing financial support beyond the Standard Rate through the multi-child discount and through Community Support Scholarships. Families who enroll more than one child at Stella Maris Academy in grades K-8 will receive a progressive $600/student discount starting with the second child.

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Standard Tuition Rates

Families may pay the Standard Tuition Rate:

1 Child: $4,590
2 Children: $8,580
3 Children: $11,970
4 Children: $14,760
5 Children: $16,950

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Full Cost of Education

Or prayerfully consider contributing more:

1 Child: $7,500
2 Children: $15,000
3 Children: $22,500
4 Children: $30,000
5 Children: $37,500